Saturday, November 9, 2013

the child's room

Especially if a child gets a little older, when prepare your room turns into an event for parents. What elements eligiremos , what things are necessary , and which are suitable for the child , many of the questions that arise in the family.

Prepare the room for a child to be independent in their own room, raises many questions . In children from 3 or 4 years , experts advise we have your opinion. Prepare the family room's decor will make the child identifies the space as their own.

The needs of parents

Although the child must take part in decisions about who will be your play space and rest, is good for parents to keep in mind some factors . The choice of furniture , children's toys , colors , shapes, spaces , lights are important for the development of a child's life .

It is advisable that parents opt for a spacious, light , soft colors , rounded furniture without sharp edges ... We can choose to drawings made by the child or family to decorate , posters with images of children , photos ..

The space , like our own home , should be divided , with one part for the child to play, one for rest and one for his toys.

The wishes of the child

It is important that your child take part in the decisions of what will be their space. What colors you like best , what their favorite toys , which prefers to have the bed and furniture ...

Parents should listen to their opinion , while we value a number of factors . Not good for example the child is TV or computer in their room, as it can isolate family . Better that these activities are made in separate rooms.

It is important that children have furniture to store your things , and enough space to keep your clothes and toys neatly arranged . Some ideas for parents and children at this website .